Electronic music producer, J-Punch (a.k.a. Hook The Captain), continues to mix melancholy lyrical themes and mid-tempo pop grooves to pour his latest elixir, Stick Figure Guy, with solid results. On the vocal cuts like they previously reviewed single, “Hours Late,” as well as “Admit It” and “Take Everything,” it’s what you enjoy about the sonic sighs of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails with a touch more pop, while the tracks, “Almost Over” and “Kidding” take a Howard Jones-production styling.

I will say that the track, “Count Me Out,” goes a little long for my tastes and begins to sound like he’s saying “can’t get out,” which is how you may feel before the song ends. However, taking that into consideration, Stick Figure Guy, makes for a bittersweet modern rock project with tales of unrequited love and digital grooves for the in-between as you go on to the next one.

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