Just recorded a fun conversation with musician/songwriter, Kyle Puccia. Based in Los Angeles, Kyle has recently released his third project, Sell Out, and it’s available on iTunes. Kyle and I talk about the new record, his work as Executive Producer of the Open Artists Movement, analog versus digital recording (thanks, Hypebot.com and T-Bone Burnett), and holiday traditions. You’ll hear snippets of the tracks “Message”, “Broken People”, and “Missing You” from Kyle’s new CD. Major props to Brooklyn’s own, Semantic Noise, for the track, “True Love”, from his latest, It’s All True, which opens the podcast. Thanks for listening.

Kyle Puccia’s Facebook page
More Semantic Noise music

3 thoughts on “Interview with Kyle Puccia

  1. I love Kyle’s work, and I love Kyle as a person. He’s kind and gentle, a great singer/songwriter, compassionate, just a really fine person. He’s been just wonderful to me. I’m a senior citizen, the mother of one of his good friends, but Kyle has always treated me as his friend, like an equal. He also has a dog who is a good friend in her own right. Thanks, Kyle, for being you, and for helping Jen find her voice.


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