I recently spoke with musician, producer, and DJ, Micah B about his new EP, At the Go-Go, which is available at iTunes. Micah’s entry into DJing came as a result of producing electronic sound samples with the now defunct, electro-funk band, Foreign Trade. His background in music is playing violin, choral ensembles, and collegiate study in electro-acoustics.

Along with producing music for large-scale events in the Dallas non-profit community such as the Black Tie Dinner (BTD) and Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA), he’s been hard at work on producing music and remixing with various artists, including a pop record from gospel artist, Marvin Matthews under the pseudonym, M. Francis. He’s also scoring independent films like the controversial revenge flick, Ticked Off Trannies with Knives, directed by Dallas filmmaker, Israel Luna.

About the EP, Micah offered, “I released four tracks that I really believe in and that showcase my production styles. Marvin Matthews brings a gospel house to the Sam & Dave cover, “Hold On, I’m Coming”. Tommy Hernandez did the vocal on “Vincent 52”. The feel is electro-pop, however it’s based on original bluegrass tune by The Del McCurry Band. [Dallas electro-pop band] ISHI’s Brad Dale (aka DJ Molecule) laid down the guitar. It was great working with Crystal Ramon on the track, “Give It To Me”. And on, “Baby, Hold On”, I just wanted to bring an instrumental dance groove to round it out.”

You can listen to and purchase Micah B’s At the Go-Go EP via iTunes and get more music from Micah B via his website.

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