This is the third Q&A by an artist featured on the new Texas Compilation by Exponential Records out of San Antonio. Enjoy the Q&A and the music of Mich White, also known as Kinder.

Kinder (Austin)

GLM: Where is home for you (birth/residential)?

Kinder: Just moved to San Marcos. I split my time between Texas, Massachusettes, Florida, and England (due to family/girlfriend). Born in Austin though, but have lived all over the world.

GLM: Do you write or produce music under any other names?

Kinder: Kinder is supposed to be exploring happy found sound/sample based beats, but Tapestry is a new thing with me doing synths, and simple guitar while my pal Ben creates soundscapes with trumpet. Hymnal: ( is me wanting to sing, explore a darker sound, and mix outside the computer before recording… I don’t know. As far as non electronic, I co-wrote/produced/recorded Becca and the Blancos ( and STUNTS ( Fun things from a couple to three years ago can be found at:
and my goofy hip hop project Fach Idiot with my friend Zach that is old too:

GLM: Do really think people can be kinder to each other, given America’s political and social climate?

Kinder: People are going to do what they do, and I’ll do my best to try to be a better person too.

GLM: What music did you grow up listening to and how did that shape the sounds you make now?

Kinder: Parents: Nirvana, U2, Maxwell
Grandparents: Coltrane, Marvin Gaye, Stax, Sun Ra, Hard Bop etc.
Then it went – Rage Against the Machine, Talking Heads, My Bloody Valentine, Madvillian, Boredoms, Brian Eno and Stereolab as I got older until I started scavenging the web for obscure things. Now I mostly just listen to library music, and bargain bin world music vinyl, haha.

GLM: Name two artists you’d like to work with; one of the artists needs to perform/produce a totally different genre of music.

Kinder: Nicolas Jaar would be fun (I guess this is in the same vein kind of?) Tom Ze has great ideas!

GLM: Talk to me about a musical pioneer that inspires what you do.

Kinder: Well Stereolab is a go to for me. Anytime, any mood, anywhere, and usually any crowd of people are alright to listen to them. They’re so varied and innovative from album to album without seeming to be too worried about whether what was accesible on the preceding record needs to be maintained for subsequent releases. For me that is important because I can’t seem to focus on any one sound to produce, so the blending of ideas present in their output is inspiring. (I am also a Francophile, haha)

GLM: What’s your newest piece of equipment/software? What’s your favorite piece of equipment/software?

Kinder: Hmmm… Newest is the Yamaha RY30 that a friend just gave to me that I’ve been making all my own drum sounds on! It’s really neat going through an analog delay and EQ. Favorite right now is my modded Digitech Multiplay. Bit crushing delay feedback that could blow the windows out.


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