Part 8 of the special Q&A with artists featured on the Texas Compilation available at The spotlight goes to (iN)Sect Records visionary and CEO, Ben Webster a.k.a. Butcher Bear. Last year’s EP, Carbomb, with Butcher Bear and Charlie was quite the rage and with catalog of releases featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins, Eric Lau, Fresh Millions, and Dam-Funk, there’s no sign of slowing down! Enjoy the music and the Q&A.

Butcher Bear (Austin)

GLM: Where is home for you (birth/residential)?

BB: Born in Austin, raised in Louisiana for a second, then back to Austin since i was 5

GLM: I go looking for new Georgia Anne Muldrow material on Bandcamp and I find her release (with Dudley Perkins) on your boutique label, (iN)sect Records. Then, I also find Fresh Millions music, which I discovered by accident in January, was released on your label. Guess I was meant to talk with you. You believe in fate?

BB: Ha. No doubt. I think walking the steps always bring the people you meet directly to you. It’s all about forward movement. Read “100 Years of Solitude”

GLM: I’m curious about the parenthesis around the letters, iN, in your label name. Just a way of making sure the name stands out or cultural commentary or printing accident that just stuck: which is it?

BB: The name came from the vibe of Phat Kat’s “don’t nobody care about us” 12″. One of my all time favorite records. Tiny Insects in this big pool. But doing the damn thing anyway. It’s kind of a sarcastic way of saying we’re nobody and somebody. The “iN” Sect vs. the insect. The label is in a small way an extension of one of my bands, Attack Formation. And Austin is nick-named “insect city”

GLM: How did the opportunity come about to release work by Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins?

BB: I hit him up through myspace a couple years ago. I’ve been a huge fan of Both Georgia and Dudley ever since they were both on Stonesthrow. We talked a bit and they sent me some songs to pick from. The amount of talent between the two of them is staggering to say the least.

GLM: Along with the cut on this Texas Compilation, you’ve got a new compilation of your own label called Starship 27 Vol. 2: “Take Off” that features more electro-soul goodies from artists like Eric Lau, Coultrain, Dam Funk, and Kev Brown. Talk a bit about putting this together.

BB: J-1, the drummer for Dam-Funk’s live group Master Blaster put together Vol. 1 of this compilation back in 2009 as a free download. You can still cop it at Starship Vol. 1 Free Download. J-1 is an incredible force as a drummer, producer and DJ, originally from Cleveland transplanted to L.A. I met J-1 about a year ago through a mutual friend here in Austin, just asked him about doing a record at some point, and he told me he had Vol. 2 ready to go. J-1’s production and taste over-all are incredible……..Speaking of Fate Since then we’ve been working on getting the details ready and it’s set to drop on March 29, 2011 and is being distributed by FatBeats. So much heat on there from the likes of , Dam-Funk, Computer Jay, Ras G, Devonwho, Jordan Rockswell, I-Ced + tons more. Tracklist is up at Honestly so grateful to be a part of this project. I’m a fan of everybody on there.

GLM: What genre of music where you raised on and how does that music affect your creative process in performing and/or producing today?

BB: I was into kool moe dee/n.w.a./freestyle fellowship/the newjack stuff/pere ubu/miles/coltrane/sun ra/sonic youth/fugazi/minor threat/dischord/amrep/touch and go/throbbing gristle/ trance syndicate/sub pop on cassette all by the time i was 13. Used to hang out in record stores across from the university my mom taught at. I was in a bunch of hardcore and punk rock bands growing up. I made tape to tape loops, sound collage, been playing drums since I was 9, guitar and piano since i was 12. the biggest influence to me was seeing independent record labels putting out what they wanted when there was no standard. That was huge magic to me seeing the different parts of the world through those releases. Pure originality.

GLM: The music model for a lot of independent artists and bands today supports free downloads. How has that model supported your label and your productions and your the promotion of your live shows?

BB: It’s a good way to have your music heard.
My main focus is vinyl, so for the digital only folks, it’s probably the only way they’ll hear some of this music. I think in the age of “you can get anything , all the time” on the internet, it’s worth mentioning that artists still need the people’s support. So if you like what you hear, go see their shows, buy their records, re-post those free downloads when you do get them.

GLM: Besides music, what are you most passionate about?

My family, my lady and my pups. After that, music is 95% of my life.

GLM: How would you like to see electronic music moved forward in Texas generally, Austin specifically?

Just to keep seeing it grow. I would love to see more and more folks come out here to play and see what our homies are doing here in Texas. I think people are realizing there’s a big open space that we would love to fill here in Austin. Recently me and my buddy, soundfounder (who also will be dropping a full-length on the (iN) in May) have created a semi-monthly night called Exploded Drawing ( The night hosts six electronic artists playing 20 minute sets of their own original music. Here’s a live set from the homie, Ernest Gonzales from ED#3

Anyone interested in playing please hit us up.

Thanks for the support and as my good friend Tim would say, Now……….Go Start Your own Band!

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