Part 7 of our Q&A features for the producers on the Texas Compilation (available now through shines the light on Dusty Oliveira a.k.a. DJ DUS. Bringing thick beats in a blend of hip-hop and cumbia is his specialty. DJ DUS will talk grooves, fashion, and fitness! Enjoy his music and the Q&A!

DJ DUS (Corpus Christi)

GLM: Where’s home for you (birth/residential)?

Dus: Corpus Christi Texas, home of Selena and Whataburger!

GLM: This mix of cumbia and hip-hop is irresistibly funky. Talk to me about artists/producers you studied to help you master the grooves.

Dus: I am a 80s/90s hip hop head and an MPC junkie, i dj so i love all kinds of music, my influences range from armand van helden to the pharcyde, dj shadow and i love all kinds of old school cumbia.

GLM: What your vision for the sounds of your group, Master Blaster Sound System?

Dus: Master Blaster is a collective of musicians incorporated into a DJ set, we have recently wrote a bunch of original material and scored a licensing deal with COSMICA ARTISTS out of LA. I want to keep pushing the cumbia riddems, and mastering the art of mashing it with house, hip hop and some dubstep here and there..

GLM: What’s your newest equipment/software? What’s your favorite equipment software?

Dus: Right now I have a pretty steady workflow. Ii start off chopping up samples in ableton, then playing synths and drums over with Propellerheads Record/Reason, then dump it all in protools and start editing and mixing.. i have a recording engineer background so i stay in the studio all day every day.

GLM: Using causal/nightlife wardrobe, describe San Antonio vs. Austin?

Dun: San Antonio is more of a black laced up boots type of place and Austin is definitely chucks and vans for me!

GLM: Outside of music, what are you into?

Dus: My life has been dependent on music for the past 13 years, I started my radio career right out of high school and moved on to working in studios like Freddie Records, and now have my own studio, art gallery, street wear store concept, PRODUCE®, right in the heart of downtown Corpus Christi. Last week, not 100 steps away from my studio (where i live on top in a loft), i opened a 3000 square foot Ultra-modern health studio (with a dj booth), ALL GOOD FITNESS!

More DJ DUS Music:

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