In 1981 the group A Taste of Honey covered the song Sukiyaki by Japanese signer Kyu Sakamoto. This song was released Stateside in 1963. It was a smash hit for both A Taste of Honey and for Kyu Sakamoto. Undoubtedly the combination of Japanese musical elements and contemporary soul boosted the 1981 version to number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Later in 1997 Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis would produce for Mary J. Blige the song Everything. It combined vocal interpolations from Sukiyaki with samples from The Stylistics’ You are Everything and James Brown’s The Payback. Suffice to say Sukiyaki was extremely influential.

Exampling the success of combining oriental musical elements and contemporary soul helps substantiate the claim forthcoming. Enter KING. KING will be the next majorly successful R&B/Soul act of the 21st century. Musiq Soulchild, Foreign Exchange, and Erykah Badu are just a few substantial artists proclaiming their praise on Twitter. Their song Supernatural was even featured on NPR’s Song of the day. You will be blown away by their amazing sound. Check it out! The claim is, you won’t be able to stop listening.


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