By GLM Contributor, Brad Petty

As expected and that’s not always a bad thing. Kevin Barnes is going to find it hard to stay in the same vein and top the massive amount of material the band has already released. The controllesphere begins with Black Lion Massacre. Imagine the opening sequence of Thriller that doesn’t resolve into a song. The controllesphere is an ideal EP because it represents a complete episode. Black Lion Massacre doesn’t need to resolve because Flunkt Sass vs the Root Plume completes it. This EP is not an added or excluded thought from the previous full length release, False Preist; it is a separate work that wields its own story.

As usual the track titles and lyrics represent fantastic interpretations of mundane events. Again, it is to be expected and is immensely enjoyable. It is apparent that the tone of the album never progresses into some of the considerable ghastly cacophonies that accompany many of the band’s former releases. The controllersphere is a bit more tame. It lends itself to theatrics. Overall this is a theatrical exposition of some passing thought in the mind of Kevin Barnes. Aren’t all their releases?

Check out the final song on the EP, Slave Translator. This live version will shed a little more light on how eccentric the band is. And yes, every time they perform the shows are this wild…every time:

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