After a long day full of stress and a tomorrow that looks bleak, a nightcap is often a welcome comfort. After a strong rain, a walk to the local pub or bar and enjoying that nightcap often brings a comfort that is both immeasurable and extremely pronounced-A sort of quiet.

Wishes & Theives (W&T) has released a new EP named Lighthouse. The new EP acts just like a nightcap. Rather it is a nightcap. W&T ushers in a quiet through their strong baseline and haunting vocals performed by the bands lead singer, Jolanda Porter. She’s the only female in this Electro-Indie Rock collective.

Lighthouse is not intended to be an EP that you bump for shear enjoyment but rather it falls on the ear like a soft summer rain. Dramatic, right? Well the structure of each song on the EP is dramatically underwhelming. It is because of the dramatic affect of each song that this EP is highly enjoyable and relaxing.

Wishes and Thieves is a self described alternative act that hails from NYC and consists of: Jolanda Porter, Mike MacAllister , Joe Higgins, and Will Clark. W&T’s EP is available on their site for free.