Today, I’m feeling those Monday blues and this single from UK-born blues/folk artist, David Philips, is hitting the spot musically and lyrically. “Something about this place, got me tied up, gagged, and bound.” I’ve felt this way about certain cites when I’ve lived there too long and feel it’s past time to make a move. This song will be included on David’s sophomore project, The Rooftop Recordings, and the entire project is even more stripped down than his debut, Heal Yourself Alone. Like the debut, Rooftop Recordings was recorded in Barcelona, Spain. The physical CD drops on September 9th, but iTunes (at least internationally) has it for sale now. Enjoy “Tied Up, Gagged, and Bound”.

Bonus: Here’s three more cuts from the disc. This should seal the deal. Get your money ready.

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