Take two guys who sing and produce their own style of music that they call “melodic infusion”, and you have something fresh, yet familiar in hip-hop sounds. They call themselves the Qure. Loud and proud, they are Black and gay and in your face. Listening to their latest CD, The Virus, it’s not all rainbows by a long shot. Listen to the following tracks and read more about the Qure.


GLM: As you continue your unique brand of “melodic infusion”, what was the creative process that birthed your new full-length, The Virus (a decidedly moodier recording at least as it starts out)?

Qure: ‘The VIRUS’ is absolutely a moodier record and that was done on purpose. ‘GAY 4 PAY’ the mixtape (our previous work) was a bit superficial in that we were rapping about people places and things; we rapped about everything but Japan & Apollo. 15 songs and in the end no one knew a thing about either of us. We wanted to change that. ‘The VIRUS’ was written out of emotion and feelings and situations; we definitely went inward. Hopefully our fans will walk away from this record feeling like they know a little bit more about us. After all, ‘G4P’ was about lifestyle. ‘The VIRUS’ is about life… and death. With our signature style of “Melodic Infusion” we’ve created a piece of work driven by rap, but peppered with influences of Jazz, Gospel, Rock, Reggae, Opera, Country, Hip- Hop and R&B. This album tells a story. A story of sex, love, lies, betrayal and murder.

GLM: Building your network in Houston, Texas, how has the independent artist scene changed for you from a networking as well as performance perspective since began putting out the mixtape, Gay 4 Pay, and now, The Virus?

Qure: We are very fortunate in that we live in a city that loves and supports us. Houstonians see the bigger picture and they are very proud of us; as are we of ourselves. This is a business and we treat it as such. We have no problems getting what we want and making things happen! We rebuke and reject the words “no” “not now” “later”. We’ve been all over the country and we are extremely proud of the fact that we’ve done it on our own terms. WE DO EVERYTHING OURSELVES! Everything that you see and hear comes from us. We encourage other artists to do the same. Take yourselves seriously. Work on your your craft. Protect your “brand.”

GLM: Are you still seeking a label attention or planning to establish your own independent label (or is the jury out on that decision)?

Qure: That’s the premise of our upcoming reality show ‘The DUKES of Houston’. We will be the first gay rap group signed to a major label, period! It’s gonna be a really HOT show!! You’ll get the opportunity to see the “2 Headed Monsta” LIVE and in living color!! We’re gonna be writing, recording, performing, living, laughing and loving all while chasing down a record deal and showcasing one of most dynamic cities in the country! We are also gonna introduce you to some new guys; we gotta lotta surprises for you so stay tuned.

GLM: Outside of your own music, which artists/groups/CDs are grabbing your ear right now?

Qure: Everyone in OHH is making really good music right now and we respect them all. Tim’m West ‘Fly Brotha’ is a favorite! DaQuan Motley’s ‘WAR’ is amazing. Kevin Kaoz Moore does really good work. We can’t wait to hear what Emmanuel IKP Palacious brings; he’s a really talented guy. We also support the new kids like CODE RED. Although ‘The VIRUS’ is our first full-length original debut album we feel like veterans. Our music is smart, edgy and trendsetting and aint too many people that can fuck with us… we just sayin. LOL

GLM: What can fans expect in the next twelve months from The Qure?

Qure: Expect more of the same! We have an incredible work ethic and we promise to continue to give you guys music that you can be proud of. Please grab a copy of ‘The VIRUS’ at thequre.bandcamp.com. Keep your eyes open for ‘The DUKES of Houston’ Reality Show (details on when/where you can see it coming soon.) We are also gonna be promoting the shit outta this album so don’t be surprised if we end up in your city. We will be in Dallas for Dallas Southern Pride Weekend in a few weeks and we just signed on to headline this year’s Nashville Black Pride Celebration at the end of October. Please visit the facebook page and “LIKE” us to receive updates and such.

Hear the Qure live this Saturday night at the Victory Grill, along with artists, Jurni Rayne, Smut Stud, and headliner/host, Tim’m T. West. The Victory Grill is located at 1104 E. 11th Street in Austin, Texas. The show is free before 8:30pm; $5 after. For more information, call 512-472-2001 or email allgo[at]allgo.org

3 thoughts on “Take a dose of the Qure

  1. always an honor to see how J.A.P.A.N and Apollo have grown as artists. They are vets in terms of their ears and sensibilities. I’ve seen many artists who’ve produced far more work but without the “learning curve” that The Qure has. They will achieve the success that they desire because of their relentless passion and drive to make a difference while producing good music and putting on great, high-energy shows.


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