Chris Brann, best known for his production work under the monikers, Wamdue Project and Ananda Project, brings elements of jazz-infused house, breaks, drum & bass, and downtempo/chill on his exploratory new set for King Street Records, Perfumed Silences.

The sound first strikes a memory of 4Hero’s and Jazzanova’s work in the late 90’s/early 00’s, and the piano sound throughout the recording is particularly warm. The vocal single, “Fade Away”, featuring Tiombe Lockhart (PPP, Cubic Zirconia), has an alternative pop feel, while early single, “The Cosmic Laws” featuring Monday Michiru, brings classic jazz-house style striking the aforementioned early references. While the included remixes are nice, they aren’t essential to the project and having them follow the blissfully chilled, “Endings Beginning”, can feel a bit jarring.

Perfumed Silences succeeds as a well-executed blend of electronic music with acoustic sounds for both up- and downtempo moods.

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