Happy New Year to you! It’s another year of GLM occasional column for beattape, remixes, and such EPs so let’s get into it. Unless mention that you have to buy any of the following, assume the rest are free downloads (of course, if the music moves you, send the good karma buy floating a donation to your favorite).

By now, you’ve heard about the passing of J-1 aka THE DEER, Jovan Coleman. I was introduced to his work by Butcher Bear of (iN)Sect Records with the Starship Compilation series. Recently, the (iN) has released Starship 27 Vol. 2 bonus singles for purchase (name your price) and all proceeds go to Jovan Coleman’s family. May he rest in peace and his family find comfort right now.

Guilty Simpson teams up with (iN)Sect Records and producers, Ernest Gonzales and NickNack for the track, “Close Curtains”. More remixes are on the single by more fellow Austinites, BoomBaptist and soundfounder.


Fresh in my inbox this morning lands information about the new beat tape from FreshNerd and the 100 Akres crew doing a refix on Thundercat’s Golden Age of Apocalypse release in 2011. The set, Thndrcrk, in a fun set with guest rhymers from Florida’s The Soulstice (www.thesoulstice.net) on the interludes. This is probably for favorite beat tape from FreshNerd yet. Nice work guys.


Project Mooncircle and Finest Ego recently released their fifth compilation , this time focusing on beat makers and producers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Good grooves result. Also a free download, so grab it.


The one of the original groups that inspired for starting this article on GLM, the MAD-HOP collective, has just released their fourth compilation and I think it’s their strongest yet. Wonky, hip-hop, and dubstep grooves await.BoomBaptist makes an appearance here with some cool R&B play on the cut, “Jew Jack Swing”.


BoomBaptist also is on the Urban Waves Records compilation Intergalatic Travels, which dropped on Christmas Day 2011. Also featured are Ta-Ku, Handbook, and DAILON, among others.


As always if you’ve got beats to talk about, send a line (or just the beats themselves) to groovelovesmelody[at]gmail.com.

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