Produced by John “Jellybean” Benitez, the song “Love Will Save The Day”, by Whitney Houston was a personal favorite of mine long before it received any radio play. I loved its upbeat production and encouraging words. My younger sister bought this tape, Whitney, and I remember borrowing it from her wearing this song out! I must have been a freshman or sophomore in high school around this time, and since high school sucked for me I needed to hear these words.

Does love always save the day? Well, if by love you mean following the direction of your internal compass instead of being pushed about by the winds, then I believe it can ultimately do that. However acting on your intentions is courageous work, especially when external praise and recognition is outside of earshot and what is in earshot is designed to break you down.

As you may be gearing up to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow, perhaps a more important gift you can give besides the perishable gifts (candy, flowers, etc.) is a genuine word of support and encouragement. You never who’s day you may truly save, maybe your own.

Thank you, Whitney, for all that you did for American popular music. Rest now.

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