From Curt Chambers’ time as lead vocalist/guitar in the band, Franklin Bridge, to current duty as musical director for fellow Grammy-nominated artist, Eric Roberson, Curt’s bringing a new studio set of urban pop/rock tunes. Fans of Van Hunt, David Ryan Harris, and Geoffrey Williams, please take notice. It’s more like pop tunes embedded within a rock concept album with lots in extended intros and outros; it’s even separated that way in the track listings as well which may only be problematic if your media player is on shuffle. One Way Ticket has some quick ear-grabbers (or TuneCrush cuts, as we like to say around here) like “Grass Is Greener” and “Out of Body”, however the project as a whole warms up to after repeated listens because of the way he’s layering out the stories with the music. Currently this project can be downloaded absolutely free for a tweet from his website. Now that makes what is already a musically good deal, priceless.

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