From the SomeOthaShip Connect imprint, Georgia Anne Muldrow recasts herself as Pattie Bling for newly released projects with the Akebulan 5 (the last pairing was Sagala in 2008). This paring of synth funk (“fOnk”)/jazz projects features Pattie Bling vocals on two tracks on Akosua (which means “born/given life on Sunday”) and one track on Anesu (which means “God is with us and in us”). Akosua is the shorter of the two sister projects and features a powerful tribute to Deandre Brunston (“Deandre”) who was killed in a police shootout in 2003. The rest of the tracks on both projects roll with infectious head-nodding instrumentals and funk/jazz loops that hip-hop heads come to expect and appreciate from this imprint. Both are available from SomeOthaShip Bandcamp page.

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