From Budapest, Hungary, the folk tradition of the blues continues on with the addition of programmed beats and other electronics with the latest offering from the Black & Tan label, Mississippi Big Beat. The band consists of Andor Oláh on blues harp, Csaba “Boogie” Gál on guitar and vocals, and Szabi Máté and Duri handling beats and programming duties. More often than not in the United States, the term “disco” refers to 70’s dance music with high strings, wah-wah guitar, images of bell-bottoms flaring across a dance floor. Yet the folk styling on Delta Disco is truer to delta blues and some 60’s R&B in form and the “feeling” is definitely that of a modern pop record most suitable for a party considering the programming and Csaba’s vocals. The height of the party is “Shim Shamming”, fusing lyrics of “Mama Don’t ‘low” and several folk styles for a fun sing-song and dance moment.

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