Bearcraft - Honey EP imageStraight outta Dalston, Bearcraft reckon their genre is ‘Campfire Disco’ although ‘Honey’ is neither as carefree and jaunty as that description implies nor is it as painfully cool as one might expect from their postcode.

Instead we have an accomplished, intense slab of dramatic electronic pop. Orchestral stabs abound as Dicky Moore (also a fine Tweeter and guitarist in Scritti Politti’s live ensemble) demands/begs his honey to quit the skankery:

“Honey get your hands off those boys/Honey, get your arms round me”

London’s Age of Consent add handclaps and strip some of the high octane fireworks on their remix while Oakland’s The Polish Ambassador slows things down and brings out the bleeps in a turn that might catch the ear of Hercules & Love Affair.

Honey E.P. is available now on Bandcamp.



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