More like a bow of the knee than a tip of the hat to queer urban ball culture (think the film, “Paris Is Burning”, for reference), the second track on B. Slade™’s latest groove work, Deep Purple, is a ball battle in song and an ode to the often threaded-in and thrashed around ponytail worn by some dancers. Featuring the talents of Jaila Simms as the “Den Mother”, vocalist Trayvon James for the “House of Decadence”, & hip-hop artist, DDm for the “House of Opulence”. You may also recognize Jaila Simms as the winning transgender contestant of MTV/Diddy’s reality show, “Making His Band”. Take all of this and blend in B. Slade™’s tongue-twisting rap, trademark harmony bursts, and musical fun house production and you have got R&B electricity for any ballroom floor.

2 thoughts on “TuneCrush: B. Slade™ – Phony Pony

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