Been a while since I’ve done on of these posts, but there are so many nice sounds happening that I figured I’d share just a few of them here instead of individual TuneCrush posts. Let’s get it!

With an increasingly busy performing and production schedule, Austin’s BoomBaptist continues to give percussive gifts as he’s released another collection of beats for free download. This set, The Lost Files Vol. 2 (2005-2006), serves as part two of four such releases coming this year.

Another release not to miss from Austin peeps is the Exploded Drawing compilation originally made for SXSW 2012. The project features new and recent tracks from Soundfounder, Butcher Bear, Lo Phi, Ntropy, and more. This is also available as a free download.

Dallas-based musician, Cortez Phillips Jr. makes it simply Cortez when serving his hypnotic beats. He recently released a remix of the Goyte single, “Someone I Used To Know”. The remix is a nice take on the song, and his original productions that have my ear also. Here’s his remix of the Goyte song and another composition, “Trees”. They are both free downloads so grab them while you can.

Oddisee has released an new four-song EP titled, Odd Renditions, taking his rap over re-arranged singles like Bon Iver’s “Spaces” and this classic from Marvin Gaye, “Ain’t That Peculiar”.

For those wanting a taste of house music with a blend of Mahavishnu Orchestra on one track then dubbing things out with reggae in the track following, then you need this limited edition vinyl only release from Om Unit. Here’s a sampler:

Residing in LA, Sweatson Klank (formally known as Take), serves a disc full of instrumental hip-hop and electronic. The single, “Always You”, is the lone free download offering available his Bandcamp page.

Berlin-based DNTE just dropped a mixtape podcast for Cloak & Dagger Operations. Here’s the setlist and the MixCloud stream of the show. Click here if you want to also download the show.

Nox – Proton decay (Robot Koch Remix)
Dnte – Fall in Love
Slugabed – Motherfuckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
Karaoke Tundra – Oni
Chris Medleigh – Almostbeenthere
Dj adlib – lordamercy-noir
Dnte – Can U Dig it
Comfort Fit – Hundred One Percent
Ambassadeurs – Klara (Dnte remix)
9th cloud – 43 sunsets

Coming in my ear from France, this is my favorite track from the latest EP from nvthlss, called “Let’s Grusin”.

That’s all for now. Be sure to send your beats to groovelovesmelody[at]

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