Serving 100bpm bangers from Manchester, Second Line becomes Splines and his new Broken Bubbles EP serves dubfunk drum corps cuts that DJs and producers should be devouring this summer. My guess is that this would sound even hotter on vinyl though it’s quite fine in the digital. Take a listen for yourself.

Arizona-based producer, MVEMNT, has just released the new electro-house single, “Synesthesia”, with remix from Mr. Vega on 9G Records. It’s a Beatport exclusive buy, but you can preview the tracks below. The video released with is in a word, creepy. Unless you enjoy seeing a young girl get chased by some unknown stalker dude, start your experience by listening to the tracks first.

While this column is usually about beats, sometimes you need to drift a bit. The latest work from the New York-based ambient/experimental group, Future Shuffle, allows you to do just that. Étude Study was released as a limited edition cassette in May by Samling Recordings out of Holland. The digital download is “name-your-price” at

Back on the beats, Jesse Futerman provides mid-tempo R&B grooves with a touch a jazz on new Jus’ Like Music EP, Fuse The Witches. Enjoy a taste of this free download with “What Have I Got feat. DJ Alibi”. Guess the sampled jazz vocalist in the song.

Washington D.C.-based beat maker, Maverick, serves plenty free download cuts at to lessen your hard drive space. Here’s a different of Sade’s “Keep Looking”, all sliced and chopped as “Yesterday’s Lament” by Maverick.

Somewhere between the electro-funk of Erykah Badu and the Cannabinoids and the R&B of Dezaray Dawn exists the future pop/beats of LA duo, Modlee & Vlooper. Here’s “Pon DI LUV”.

The new Sole Glow Collective has released a “name-your-price” compilation featuring artists around the globe including new singles from Austin artists Wave Hands Like Clouds, Lo Phi, Cmore, and Butcher Bear.

Speaking of Wave Hands Like Clouds, they will be our special guest on Friday, June 22, 2012, as Groove Loves Melody with the Green Bandana Group present Neon Sessions. Neon Sessions take a cue from the curated original electronic program, Exploded Drawing in Austin and the aim is to incubate Dallas talent in the electronic music space. Joining WVLC will be Dallas talents Neo-Safari, Black Market Pharmacy, and Taylor Effin Cleveland. It’s $5 entry and BYOB. You can RSVP on Facebook and thanks in advance for your support.

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