You know what it’s like when you are alone in the house and you continue to wear your headphones with your iPod rather than listen through speakers? You wiggle your bum less self-consciously and the music throbs inside your head. That’s what this piece of shimmery Xenomania-produced dance pop is all about.

With several albums (and almost as many compilations) behind them in over 20 years, London’s Saint Etienne have veered from the Balearic to the breathy, always being somewhat clever and knowing but never being music snobs. They are not so much serious musicians than fans who can make music. And they rejoice in music. In pop music.

‘I’ve Got Your Music’ is utter joy in 3m 45s.

Check out Words And Music By Saint Etienne. There are at least two more slices of similarly sexy tunes in ‘Tonight’ and ‘DJ’.


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