Dan Rogers is making moves around Dallas and Austin as a DJ. Now I want you to hear with his blend of glitch and instrumental pop called Neo-Safari. Find out more about his music and what got him here in this Q&A with Groove Loves Melody.


JW: Dan, when I look at your releases and videos, I’m guessing that you’ve just kind of “turned on” this year in the Dallas scene. But is that the whole story? Where you in another group performing before? What’s the background?

DR: Last fall, I left a good but unfulfilling corporate job to figure out what new direction I wanted to take in my life. I picked up Ableton and started learning it in my spare time. It didnt take long to realize my dream job would be to create music. I hit it hard for months and came up with everything you hear that has a Neo-Safari in front of it. I just released everything in April and have just recently been trying to play live.This is all new to me, which seems to be a surprise to people, which I take as a compliment, I’ve also worked very hard so it’s not like it just comes naturally like that asshole, “Dewey Cox” in the movie Walk Hard.

JW: Define the Neo-Safari (music) concept. How is it different from your DJ sets?

DR: People sometimes shorten it, calling me Neo, which makes me cringe. I don’t like the sound of it, and I’m not Keanu Reeves. Long story short, Neo-Safari can be translated as “new journey.” This musical venture is a new journey for me. Music takes you on a journey. My music is electronic and seen as new and modern. It works in a few different ways and seemed original at the time. However, there is a Bro Safari on soundcloud so I guess I’m not that cool. I really want to just play my music that I’ve created, but bars and clubs pay actual human money to hear me play other people’s music, so it’s fun to do that and have money. Plus, friends usually come for support and it ends up being a blast for me. Minus a few requests here and there, I only play music I like too, so it’s not like I’m playing Britney Spears club remixes or anything.


JR: You’ve been receiving a good amount of independent music blog love lately. Was that a specific part of your strategy to get the music out?

DW: I was surprised at how many people randomly found it instantly after I released it. I sent some emails to a few blogs, but only a few covered the EP. All but a few that covered it were just good ol’ internet music zealots like me. The most major hit was “Coastal Cruise” making it to Indie Shuffle. Dallas’ Gorilla vs. Bear didnt cover it, which butt-hurt me a little bit because I’m a pretty big fanboy of their site.


Experience more from Neo-Safari on June 22, 2012 at the Neon Sessions event, being held at 2516 Florence Street in Dallas, Texas. Also performing will be fellow Dallas talents Taylor Effin Cleveland, Black Market Pharmacy, and special guests from Austin, Wave Hands Like Clouds. It’s $5 entry and BYOB. Performances start at 9pm. You can RSVP on Facebook and thanks in advance for your support.

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