Baron stirs up thick dark synths under the production of Belief and delivers a strong (though woefully short) EP, called RadioHeart. All the songs are wet with want, both for a physical lover and the salvation of the new beat. As explained in the liners, RadioHeart refers to those “who turn to music when shyt starts going tough”. If the song, ”Minutes to Mars”, is merely stating interest, then it’s all about a raw and sexual dual-to-the-finish in the club track, “King Pleasure”. The last two tracks on the EP hold the strongest radio-friendly hooks. He sends the gossip folk away with “Ghettoutofmyhead”. Finally, he brings could be a part 1 & 2 in a vinyl environment (especially starting at 2:58) as he presents himself as cure to bad love in “The Remedy”. It’s all a late night electro-pop/dance workout.

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