It’s your eardrums’ lucky day with all these new sounds for your weekend!

This time, our bits of beats column begins in my home state. From Bryan, TX, and proving boom-bap hip-hop has never left the building, check the new single release by Evan ILL (EVOVLE & ILLFISTO) Art of the Bumrush/Bully Beatdown.


Keeping the hip-hop beats vibe going, Kenny Fresh with the fantastic site, FRSH SLCTS hipped us to this mixtape exclusive for the site from Knxwledge. It is so worth blocking out 45 minutes for this mix and it’s a free download, too. Grab this!

Knxwledge is going on his first tour of Australia & New Zealand. Here are some of the dates:

7/12 – Adelaide, Australia: Knxwledge @ Cuckoo Bar w/ Slamagotchi, Oisima, How Green + DJ’s Macro & Getoblondie
7/13 – Brisbane, Australia: Knxwledge @ Alloneword Bar w/ TS & Sauce
7/14 – Sydney, Australia: Knxwledge @ Goodgod Small Club w/ Oscar + Martin, Fishing, Nakagin, Gardland, Astral DJs & Harry Cotton
7/19 – Perth, Australia: Knxwledge @ The Bird w/ Raaghe, Ben M & Rok Riley, & Ben Taafee
7/20 – Melbourne, Australia: Knxwledge @ Mercat Basement w/ Oscar + Martin, Fox & Sui, & Two Bright Lakes DJ’s
7/21 – Auckland, New Zealand: Knxwledge @ Rakinos Cafe w/ Si Res & Tyra Hammond, Lokey, Miso Shiru & B.Haru, & KXVGXN
7/22 – Wellington, New Zealand: Knxwledge @ Rakinos Cafe w/ Ben Jamin & Hazbeats, The Hip Drop, Gus (Ex.D) & Dam-G


Speaking of exclusive mix tapes, make sure you grab the GLM exclusive Exploded Drawing mixtape from Insect Records boss, Butcher Bear right here. Then certainly pick up Butcher Bear’s latest, Truth Against the World, as well. #ATXFAM


Berlin-based Hungarian producer Dnte serves up a summer treat of a wonky groove with the Mystic EP.

From San Diego, California, rapper & producer Jevy has released the Farenheit 2K12 mixtape as a free download. He’s aiming for 40,000 download. I think he’ll make it. Here’s my vote on the mixtape with the track, “Is It Worth It?” Here’s Jevy’s own words about the track:

Is It Worth It is also one of my favorite records on the Fahrenheit 2k12 album. The biggest reason is because it offers a different sound then people might expect from me. The song is about a few things. First, as stated in the hook… making sure not to get so caught up in where I wanna be that I forget to take time to enjoy the process of getting there. Because the process of getting there is what will make finally arriving so major. Second this song is also about the fact that I am redefining the whole perception of what a “rapper” should look like and “who” a rapper should be. Lastly, the song is about recognizing that once you identify your dreams… all the effort, energy, and grinding it takes to reach them… is ALWAYS worth it.

Out of Redfern, Australia, comes a funky gaming soundtrack that a blend of the 8-bit sounds and old blips and beeps with contemporary sensibilities. Well done to Tobio with Snake the Planet. It’s gamer soundtrack recommended.


That’s all for now. Be sure to send your beats to groovelovesmelody[at]

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