Image of Moussa Clarke 'Something For Certain' artworkWe do like Moussa Clarke round GLM Towers and his latest package won’t change that.

‘Something For Certain’ is a team up with Ukraine’s Plastic Disco and Newcastle lass Susie Ledge (who’s also been troubling the dance charts with Kosheen).

This holy trinity have serve up various mixes over two packages coming August 2nd to The original is a sunny slice of progressive vocal house that wouldn’t look at all out of place in the mainstream charts. Daz Bailey ups the prog slider a notch to suitably dancefloor blissout proportions while Bass Fly goes deeper into a more tribal groove, injecting a little menace.

Part 2 brings a Freakbreak remix, which is pretty much onomatopoeic with Susie struggling below dubstep mayhem. Ekala rounds off the collection with a slinky smouldering chilled house take on things.

The standout version is that provided by Wize.  The French producer opens up the track up, letting in some summery synths over the slightly melancholy vocal.

You can also listen to the other mixes for package one here and package two here via Oven Ready.

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