Enjoying some light, airy new pop from Oppenheimer, the Irish synth/rock/pop that had actually calls it quits in 2009. They’ve just released a free single from a new CD of previously unreleased music entitled This Racket Takes its Toll on Bar/None Records. The single, “We Ride Invisible Rollercosters” is a short and sweet song that talks about the emotional highs and lows of finding self before getting on with “real life”. It’s a great “end of summer” type of song, which itself is similar to the end of youth and innocence. Take a ride yourself and listen (and download).


Here’s their best-known single, “Breakfast In NYC”, from their 2006 debut on Bar/None Records. You may have heard this single on shows like Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, and How I Met Your Mother.

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