Bringing you a quick round-up this time of electronic cut-ups and grooves from around the net, here’s some beats for August 14, 2012 into the mix.

Just recently we featured an interview with Black Market Pharmacy here at GLM, now I’ve learned their brand of glitch-hop will be released in full length form on August 29 on Simplify Records. Enjoy these SoundCloud bits in the meantime and come to the EP release show this Friday, August 17, 2012 at The Green Elephant, 5627 Dyer Street in Dallas, TX.

Not to be confused with the collective from London with the same name, Minneapolis-based Paper Tiger just released a video for the single, “The Fortunate Wayfarer”, from the Summer EP now available for purchase at Doomtree Records store and iTunes. The bio states that this project “departs from the moodier moments of Made Like Us (though his deft melancholic atmospherics surface on “Gold Pass”) in favor of a more up-tempo, sunnier sound palette.” It’s a solid project that has nice layering and varying instrumentation throughout. Take a look and a listen.

From Toyko, Japan, the artist Nyolfen has been producing electronic music of various styles since 2006. His third full-length has just been released on Progressive Form, called Pulse. Enjoy what sounds like a fresh start to a crisp morning with the track “Just A Drop of the Day”.

Back on North American shores, Atlanta-based heRobust (who, by the way, will be performing with Black Market Pharmacy at Trees in Dallas, TX on October 6, 2012) is releasing a new EP in September 2012 called Screw Loose. Here’s just a taste of that with “Bandana Pancakes” for download.

Screw LooseheRobust
“Bandana Pancakes” (mp3)
from “Screw Loose”
(Muti Music)

More On This Album

Speaking of marking down dates, keep August 31st, 2012 open for the next Exploded Drawing in Austin, TX. That night will also feature the release of Kinder’s LP on CS, the fifth and final release in the Exploded Series 1st anniversary series. Make sure to get all the special promo podcasts for each of the releases including soundfounder, NTROPY, Lo Phi, and Butcher Bear. The podcast for the Kinder release will be on GLM soon. While you’re downloading the jams, get familiar with Kinder with this Q&A.

Last thing, check out this short audio podcast featuring Butcher Bear talking his creation process for KUT-Austin’s the Loop.

That’s all for now. Be sure to send your beats to groovelovesmelody[at]

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