Mich White, better known as San Marcos’ own, Kinder, brings a new set as the last of Exploded Drawing’s first anniversary CS on LP series. This smooth and soulful is available at Bandcamp.com and I highly recommend you to get a copy. Here’s a few snippets from songs I’m digging right now.




Congrats to Exploded Drawing and Insect Records for a fine series of Exploded Drawing tapes in the past year and for all of the accompanying exclusive podcast mixes here at Groove Loves Melody from soundfounder, NTROPY, Lo Phi, and Butcher Bear.

Also from the Austin, TX, area, producer BoomBaptist has just released the latest beat tape in the Lost Files series. It’s available for free download at Bandcamp.com. Here’s “Chupacabra Striptease” from The Lost Files (2006-2007).


Aural Sects released a new EP from Australian duo, Rachel Haircut, for free download that starts chill, but goes into grooving house/rave moods that darker towards the end of the EP. But then again, what else would you expect from Aural Sects?! Get your hands on it.


We’ve mentioned the flavor of Chief in this column before, any he’s releasing a trilogy of EPs at Bandcamp.com that are a blending of hip-hop and electronic that you want to check out. The EP, Shadows Collision 1, released on the 31st of August and the other two will follow in September.


Captain Weedo and crew at Urban Waves Records release some good beat stuff inspired at right about 4:20. It’s by couple of Boston-based artists, Atwell Baker and Tyler Drerds, who are known here as Gonja. Take a listen to the single “Nomo Gonja”.


The new Beats Antique, Contraption Vol. II, comes out on September 18th, 2012, and here’s the new single, “skeleton Key”.

Last up today from Paris, France, Mr. Stereo serves up samples of 1960-70s cult film classics starring women with supposedly insatiable appetites for sex and destruction, laid of a bed of soul/jazz tunes. It’s the Sexploitation Project, available at Bandcamp.com. Check out the video for the track, “Hot Rod Girls”.


Send more tracks this way! Email: groovelovesmelody[at]gmail.com or hit me up at Twitter.

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