“It’s my first trip to West Africa. But I’m pretty sure, in some kind of way, it’s gonna feel like coming home”

Renowned blues musician, Eric Bibb, sings that revelation in the title track of his new disc with fellow renowned musician Habib Koite, On My Way to Bamako, and joining Habib in the capital city of Mali with his family. This warm and inviting blend of blues and world music is a delight to hear and experience as two songwriters journey to each other’s worlds. Habib praises ‘tequila time’ making him happy in “L.A” as he follows a hilarious line about taking five shots of the liquor.

Many of the tracks like fall under the category of spiritual awareness, but not tied to particular religious dogma. It’s more about reconnecting to each other and the land. “We Don’t Care” and “Send Us Brighter Days” are like a supplication to a deeper, interconnected life in two parts. Eric makes it very plain how intertwined both sinner and saint are to the Higher Power or God on the track, “With My Maker I am One”. Overall, a solid folk/blues treat that does indeed feel to coming home to me.

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