Runner brings dreamy sounds like a reminiscing of last summer; I’ve always loved that about The Sea and Cake. Twelve discs in, the band keeps experimenting and staying fresh while maintaining a unique sound that’s instantly recognizable. Lead vocalist, Sam Prekop aimed to develop these tracks from synthesizer/sequencer parts as opposed to building from the guitar, taking cue from 2011’s The Moonlight Butterfly. You can hear that experimentation in songs like “Harps”, “The Invitations”, and “Neighbors and Townships”. Tracks like “A Mere”, “Skyscraper”, and “Harbor Bridges” are definitely taking their cue from the guitar at least on this production. Ironic that the slowest track on the CD happens to be the title track, but it serves as a fine afterglow of the previous tracks. Runner is a sure bet for fans of The Sea and Cake.

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