Armed with an impressive blend of choral and blues samples, French DJ/producer quartet, C2C brings Tetra, a pop debut with many high points. In the U.S., it would be understandable for some listeners to quickly dismiss this record for being similar to the blues/electronic experiments that Moby did in the latter 1990’s, especially if the only songs they heard were “Down The Road” and “Delta”. And while there are some similarities, you would miss out on well-produced pop moments if you did that. Performances by rapper Blitz The Ambassador with Hocus Pocus guitarist/vocalist David Le Deunff (“Together”), funk/popsters GUSH (“Genius”), and the moody Jay-Jay Johanson (“Give Up The Ghost”) provide a bit than your standard pop radio fare to keep things interesting. Yet with all the guest vocalists, it’s the multi-layered sampling found in the tracks, “The Cell”, “Down The Road”, “Delta”, and “Arcades” that grab me the quickest.

Unfortunately, not every track is winning me over. Tracks like “The Beat” and “Le Banquet” are somewhat arduous to listen to in a solo setting for their deliberate effort to “lift” the party. And while “F.U.Y.A.” is a exciting video concept, the audio alone doesn’t win me in the same way. With that said, Tetra overall is a fun pop record for those who want a little blues in their beat.

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