What starts with with sweet pop tones moves into a simmer afrobeat funk rather quicky as, “Africa Kingdom”, begins The Mystery of Aether, the new CD by Jimi Tenor and Kabukabu. For those uninitiated with the Finnish composer, Jimi Tenor is known for his musical walk between the worlds of latin, African, electronica, and jazz sounds. Berin-based Kabukabu was formed in 2005 formed by Akinola Famson, Ekow Brown and Patrick Frankowski.

On this project, there are nods to the sounds of Sun Ra in “Universal Love” and “Eternal Mystery”. You can hear the Fela Kuti influence in “Resonate and Be” and “Afroeuropean”. “Dance of the Planets” has this afro-cuban jazz workout going on and you can feel some Earth, Wind, & Fire influence by time Jimi’s vocal comes in. “Curtain of Steel” brings a bit of exotica in the mix. It’s that fine blend of European pop with Afrobeat percussion that makes The Mystery of Aether a very engaging astral-pop soundtrack.

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