Given the turbulence of societal norms in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s (in and outside of the United States), many young people wanted to bring a more relevant representation of Christianity and began musical movements as banners of their belief. In Norway, the band That’s Why became a pioneer in that movement there. Founders Jan Simonsen and Per Arne Løvold, together with some top-notch musicians from other Christian music centres around the Oslo district, recorded two albums in 1970 and 1971 under that moniker, and the definitive singles are featured here on this release from Jazzman Records.

Though most of the disc is in Norwegian lyrically, there are some rich jazz performances here intertwined with folk styles. Colorful chords lay under haunting melodies such as “Udoyeleg” (“Immortal”) and the disc’s only English track, “Children of The Future Age”. Bluesy swing is the feel for the track, “Tiden” (“Time”), featuring a passionate piano solo. Organ-led groove on “Noe Annet” (“Something Else”) slow-cooks, then bursts with brass as the band turns up the heat before returning to a bubbling simmer. Saying this disc is at an aural intersection of groups like Armageddon Experience, The Free Design, and Komeda wouldn’t be off the mark. It’s further evidence of the idea that that jazz music, at its core, is a physical and spiritual exercise.

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