The band, Frances & The Foundation calls themselves a “vulnerability-driven Pop-Rock 3-piece” band. I’m hearing echoes of Pat Benatar and Laura Branigan as I listen to the group’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Samantha Frances Cutler. Continuing our series on artist’s holiday tradition, Samantha talks with me about hers. First up, take a listen to some music from Frances & The Foundation.

JW: What your family/friends tradition for holidays at the end of the year? If you don’t have a tradition, what was one of your most memorable and fun holiday gatherings (around that same time)?

SFC: One of my favorite more recent Hanu-mas (what we call our x-mas/hanukkah) memories, was a few years back in Seattle. It was my sister’s last year in college, and the last year the really strong 4 Loko was on the market (12% ABV?). She proceed to buy several cases to turn a profit at school. So on X-mas eve, we turned Seattleopoly into a drinking game. It was both fun and frightening. Because I was so hopped up, every thing was funny, but I also thought my heart might jump out of my chest (and not in the good way).

JW: Name a quintessential holiday recording for this time year and tell why
that such a special project for you/your family?

SFC: I am still a choir girl at heart, especially around the holidays. I like to see Children’s Choirs – they make me think of my childhood. It was always very busy with lots of concerts. That made me very happy because singing has always been my favorite thing to do. Being a part of that many voices united is a beautiful feeling. If I cant see a live Choir, my favorite recorded ones are, The American Boy Choir, The Vienna Boys Choir, and of course my old choir, the Colorado Springs Children’s Choir.

JW: Any new books/e-books or films that you’re looking forward this holiday?

SFC: I have know idea what’s out right now. Holiday movies are too cheesey for me. …for the most part.

JW: Looking back through this year, what were some of your favorite
performances of your own music?

SFC: Many of my favorite shows with several different bands have been at The 5 spot in East Nashville. I love that place, it feels like home. One show a few weeks back with our band playing with the Alabama Shakes is high on my list. Benifit shows are my favorite, people reaching out to make other peoples lives better always makes me play harder and with more passion.

JW: What’s on tap for you in the first three months of 2013?

SFC: Lots of shows!!!!! In Nashville, and surrounding areas. Recording a few singles that will have videos released as well.

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