For Austin GLM readers, something cool involving music and invention coming your way this Saturday & Sunday, November 10th & 11th, 2012 (Nov 10 : Noon – 2am /Nov11 : 10am-6pm). From the press release:

The Showdown at Unobtainium 2012: Tesla vs. Edison is an innovative event: open (community) sourced, highly entertaining and amusing, educational and intellectual, and wholly immersive. The Showdown will appeal to the “steampunk” and pop culture aficionado as well as inventors, programmers, entrepreneurs, hackers, revisionist historians and “Makers” of all flavors. A science, arts and music extravaganza married to a Comic Con and underpinned by a “virtual world made physical” approach employed by Renaissance festivals. The event’s “spiritual” heart is all about innovation, STEAM in education, DIY and entrepreneurial thinking.

In addition to two full days of musical and Vaudevillian-style entertainment, the Showdown at Unobtainium will feature, in conjunction with the Tesla Project, ATX Hackerspace, The Robot Group, and Besser Education, an educational Maker Mad Science Lab for kids of all ages to create and experiment. We will also feature over 18 vendors of sumptious clothing, jewelry, and objets d’art. Beer and wine from Shiner’s Saloon and food for sale from BrouHaHa and Shiner’s Chuckwagon Grub.

Musical acts for the event include Marquis of Vaudeville, Shakey Graves, Darwin Prophet and The Chronus Mirror, Barebones Orchestra, Erika Maasen, Dr. Strangevibe and Temple of Ape.

For more info and ticket info, visit

For makers in the Dallas area, The Dallas Makerspace will be holding the 3rd annual Open House on Saturday, November 10th. It will run from noon until midnight at 2995 Ladybird Lane, one block east of Walnut Hill Station. There will be food, cool projects, free classes, and more. From their press release:

Come out to see what’s going on! We’ll have:

New and vintage electronic gaming in our Lounge. Soldering classes in our Electronics/Robotics room.
Root beer brewing and Hydroponics in our Bio Room. The Dizzy Fling–a carnival type game which was recently featured on Good Morning Texas!!, various CNC projects, the Networked Vend Will-call machine, and more in the Garage/Warehouse.

For more info on this event, contact Leland Flynn of this8bitlife at his website or on Twitter.

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