Uniform Motion is an indie-folk band combining music with drawings, composed of Renaud Forestié (illustrations), Olivier Piotte (drums/keys) and Andy Richards (guitars/vocals). The band started in 2008, as a project involving Andy and Renaud combining comics and music to release new music, each accompanied by a video of live performance of the music and drawings being live sketched on to a videoscreen. In addition, they produced an interactive comic strip every two weeks. Since then, they’ve gained attention of fans around the world and held successful crowd-funding efforts for their albums and tours.

The package is an engaging experience in sight and sound, with Andy haunting vocals at times drawing comparison to Kelcey Ayer (Local Natives) or Antony Hegarty (Antony & The Johnsons). From their 4th and latest album, The Magic Empire, I’m sharing two album cuts, “The Neon Nest” & “Run For Your Life” because I feel they compliment each other. Enjoy the sounds of Uniform Motion.



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