In late July, The NYDailyNews reported that Queen guitarist Brian May was working to complete duets recorded 30 years ago by Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. While the world waits to hear that music, this edition of the Back-to-School 2013 Q&A features independent artists and their dream duet performance of who they would love to record or tour with. This edition will also include audio samples of our featured artists so you can hear their work. As always, connect and share your thoughts in the comments below using your Facebook, G+, or WordPress login.

UniversalYouUniversal You * UK * dance/rock * @universalyou *

“I would love to collaborate with Nile Rodgers in the studio. Obviously he has recently come back to the fore with Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams and “Get Lucky”, but his musical record and longevity is just amazing when you look into how much he has been involved in over the years. The way he manages to weave his funk feel into different styles and artists work without it taking over shows, to me, that he has such a great understanding of a song or artists potential and that a little can go a long way and make such a difference. Although Universal You have always had quite a mixed set of styles and cross-genre tracks I would love to be in the studio with him as that is where we traditionally work really hard on our song arrangements with the producer. To have some of Nile’s ideas and funk grooves rolled in…oh man I would be dancing to dawn!! BTW, When I’m awe struck with musicians and their ability I usually forget to sing! Its true! I would just watch him!”

JeffStrakerJeffrey Michael Straker * Canada * piano pop/rock * @jeffreystraker *

“yeesh – this one could be an encyclopedia! I think I’d have to say Dolly Parton if I had to pick one. Dolly is obviously very much a country gal and I’m not very country at all. But I find her so incredibly musical, and gifted with the ability to tell a story in that beautiful voice, so it would be a gift to make music with her. I’d actually like to co-write a song with her first and foremost. I think her songwriting chops are incredible. And she flexes those muscles a lot by writing all the time. Co-writing has this weird way of creating musical mutation through human interaction and pairing with her would be amazing. I was raised on a farm in the country so I think she’d bring some interesting things out through a collaboration. And then I think we’d go sip tequila on her front porch if we had a block. That’d be pretty cool too.”

JodyQuineJody Quine * Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada * folktronic/ambient pop * @jodyquine *

“U2 or Maroon 5 I think! I would love to sing with Bono, he is such an incredible artist and performer, constantly working on being a better version of himself. Harmonizing with him would feel amazing I bet. I love Maroon 5’s vibe on stage and Adam Levine’s pitch is so good, it would a lot of fun to get up there and perform with them. Oh! And Nine Inch Nails, what a vibe!! Trent Reznor’s sound can hold a room’s breath, I’d like to sing in that space”

escaping pavementEscaping Pavement * Michigan * Americana/folk * @escaping_pavement *

“Lady Gaga. Hear us out on this one! She really is an extremely talented musician, songwriter, and artist. She may seem very strange at times, but she can belt it out with the best of em, can write killer rock songs (if you haven’t heard it, check out her song “You and I”) and plays a mean piano. She also did a very cool version of her song “Born This Way” as a country tune. We would love to collaborate in the studio with her and see where her extreme creative abilities could take a song.”

JubaKalamkaJuba Kalamka * Oakland, CA * Hip queer hop * @jubakalamka *

“There are a ton of people who I’d like to perform/record with, but I’m gonna go off the top of my head with singer/guitarist StormMiguel Florez because I been seeing a lot of his stuff in the last month and digging how he’s developed over the time I’ve known him. reat all around.”

BrianLarneybyGracePisanoBrian Larney * Bridgeport, CT * PowerPop/Rock * @brianlarney *

“Probably Bob Mould. I’ve admired his work from Husker Du to Sugar and beyond. Not only does his stuff have sh*tloads of energy and attitude, it’s also loaded with melody and a has great pop sensibility. He really knows how to develop a hook and drive it home…and he has a killer voice!”

Alice BrightSkyAlice BrightSky * Westchester, NY * gusty folk/melodic rock * @alicebrightsky *

“Silversun Pickups. They are the rock band I would be..if I were a rock band.”

JamesRosebyDmitryKosovJames Rose * London, UK * a cappella storytella * @vivevocals *

“Oli Rockberger was definitely at the top on my list – we had the opportunity to record with him on our recent album release, Vive Deluxe (so my dream came true)!”

Fire DeanFire Dean * New York City * rock songwriter * @firedean *

“I would love to work with the producer Eg White in the studio. Mr White, in my opinion, knows how to make a great song reach a height few people can envision. Specifically its his sense of how, where, and what to add to a basic singer/songwriter track. Eg White’s work on rhythm tracks alone would be enough to dramatically improve any song he gets hold of I should think. Even more amazing I find is the way he draws to the surface all the elements of beauty inherent to nearly every song he’s worked on”

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