DariusLux_WeTheLiving_Cover If encouraging soulful pop/rock is what you need now, take a listen to Darius Lux’s new set of songs called We The Living. Originally from London, now living in Los Angeles, Darius Lux’s style could be compared to Jason Mraz, Adam Levine (Maroon 5), or Lenny Kravitz. Lyrically, he comes from a place of free thought and encouragement of the human spirit. Out of the gate, We The Living begins with “Waking Up”, an ode to all that is positive and possible in your life. He follows with “I Can Be Anything” and “Everything Is Going My Way”, furthering supporting the determination to be your best self. Making a little time for love, Lux offers the reggae-tinged “Kick It With You” and the sweet pop of “Heavenly”. Lux also makes time for some straight-out grooving with “Music Follows Me”. Then the track, “Brother John” comes as a haunting melody for socially distant childhood friend now mentally damaged by the effects of war. The album rounds out with two covers by fellow Englishmen Sting and Seal respectively, then a live version of “Xtraordinary” from his debut CD, Arise. Overall full of life, love, and wonder, We The Living is a solid, soulful set.

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