NightDriveAustin-based performers Brandon Duhon and Rodney Connell want to bring more electro-pop to your ears as Night Drive. As former frontmen of bands, MoTel Aviv (Austin, TX) and Glasnost (Houston, TX) respectively, they brought their production powers to together for the debut EP, Position I. The sound aims for a 1982-83 new wave a la The Cure or Berlin (sans female vocal) and is close to the mark. Lyrically, subjects includes the futility of running non-manned aircraft (“Drones”), to a view from a higher place (physical and/or in life) (“Sea of Lights”), to making time for submissive passion (“After Dark”). Outside of any remixes, “Drones” has the best hook appeal in this set. The next tracks, however, are reassuring of their commitment to this sound and style. Let’s see what time and touring with bring to the debut full-length recording.

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