BlindWillieJohnsonNetherlands-based blues guitarist and producer Jan Mittendorp produces remixes of blues tracks, under the sub-genre of “blues-beat”. This latest mix is definitely one you should hear. Taken from a Blind Willie Johnson recording, here a remix of “Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed”. I’ve posted some lyrics below to help with understand the vocals. This is also a free download now, so grab while it’s available.

Since me and Jesus got: married
Haven’t been a minute apart
With the receiver in my hand
And re-ligion in my heart.

I can ring ‘im up easy
Oh well
Ring ‘im up easy
Go make up my

Weeping that he ain’t: lost
They despised the Amen
Hanging on the Cross

Hanging there in misery
Oh well
Hanging there in misery
Go make up my

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