DFWPrideConcert In Dallas, Texas, there are two main gay pride celebration periods. One is held in the middle of September and is considered the main Pride event with parade and all. The second Pride event is held around the first weekend of October, around the same time of a popular football game between two historically Black colleges, Grambling State University vs. Prairie View A&M University. Because it’s around the tine of that football game and its attendees, many of the participants involved in the second Pride event period happen to be African-American, though not exclusively. With all the events being planned, a special music & comedy event is being presented by DFW Pride Movement on October 4th, 2013. The event will be hosted by Rodney Chester (Noah’s Arc), and will feature music and spoken word acts from around the country including Jurni Rayne, Kevin “Kaoz” Moore, and a special performance from R&B artist, Monifah, who fans have most recently seen on the reality show, R&B Divas. Ticket info about the event can be found at www.dfwpridemovement.com.

Today, I spoke with Lady B. Smoove who will also be gracing the stage during this event. She’s a hard-working vocalist & spoken word artist throughout Dallas and is constantly networking and promoting and giving back to her community. She took some time from her schedule to discuss the show, her upcoming album, fellow artists to listen for, and the state of pride.

JW : You’ll soon be performing with Monifah, B. I can only imagine how excited you are.

Lady B Smoove: I am super excited. Words can’t explain. I have been in practice mode for about 2 weeks. I want to be sure my performance is crisp, fun and inspiring. I know this is the 1st time that Monifah has performed in Dallas and I want her to feel welcomed and comfortable when she hits the stage. As a fan I am super stoked to know I will be able to be in the greenroom with her snapping pics and being silly. Her cd is sitting in my shelf in its case. Can’t wait for her to sign it. To me her being listed as an R&B Diva is a true statement. She carries herself as a lady should and she knows from “whence her help cometh!” (Psalm 121:1)

JW: You’re also working on your own next album, how’s the progress on that?

Lady B Smoove: The next album is titled “live, love, dream”. Right now it is in the production stages. I am trying to find the right music to go with the lyrics. I’ve been going thru and growing in my life since the last album and I feel this one will show that. Happy to be working with my same production team and adding 2 new producers this go round. Other than that I am keeping up my stage performance so I stay ready!

JW: Who’s making music in Dallas right now that’s really got your attention?

Lady B Smoove: I am loving G.O. A. T., a local hip hop artist and he is doing his thing. He’s making music that is a lot deeper and less angry.

I am loving what Original Soul is doing. He doesn’t let anything stop him or his music, he’s been going hard on his latest cd “Love and Truth” get it at his Bandcamp page.

Last I’m loving watching Crisdee work! She makes me proud as an artist who talked to her when she started and she came to me saying “B I wanna do shows like you” and guess what she IS. Her album will be dropping this fall and it will be well deserved.

JW: Since you’re performing for Pride and since Monifah has recently opened up about being bisexual, I’d like to get your thoughts on whether Pride truly supports the bisexual part of the family. Do you think there’s enough discussion about what it means to be being bi?

Lady B. Smoove: I feel the bi discussion has been had over and over and no need for a discussion any longer. Too many other things going on in the LGBT community to get stuck on that again. People are wanting marriage equality, some are just wanting equality, and our your women and men are dying daily from HIV/AIDS. So I’m more focused on the topics that affect our lives than labels. I’m all about being healthy and loving who loves you.

For More on Lady B. Smoove, follow her on Twitter and Reverbnation.

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