love_in_flying_colorsOn their 4th studio project, Phonte Coleman + Nicolay bring more of their stamp of pop/soul with even less of Phonte on the rapping side (fans of their 3rd album, Authenticity should be fine with that) and even more guest vocalists. Starting things off on Love In Flying Colors is a festive broken-beat number, “If I Knew Then (feat. Carmen Rodgers)”, which carries the album’s main reference to the title with the line, “feels so good, love’s flying high”. Then sliding into some urban night driving soul fare with guest vocalist, Sy Smith, on “Right After Midnight”. Same night drive with a bit more bounce, Eric Robertson and Shana Tucker join the set with “Better”. Lyrically, you can sense that someone emerging from the disillusionment of a relationship that just didn’t fit despite best efforts.

Toward the middle set of songs on the album, Phonte takes the opportunity for solo vocal duties with his most expressive performance being “Listen to The Rain”. After hearing the non-album track, “Pity” (available on the digital single release of “Call It Home”), the emotional track would’ve also made a fine addition to this solo set. While the other songs featured in this set are solid, you can hear that there’s a reason why The Foreign Exchange’s best formula is Phonte in duet with another vocalist. That being said, another broken-beat groove comes around with guest Gwen Bunn on “Can’t Turn Around”. Together with Carlitta Durand and an I, Ced ad-lib touch (towards the song’s end) from “Dreams are Made for Two”. The album closes with “When I Feel Love” with special guest Jeanne Joley. Love in Flying Colors will be a welcome addition of pop/soul tracks for fans of The Foreign Exchange.

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