In the early 90’s, North Carolina-based funk-alternative band DAG caught my ears their debut, Righteous. I remember enjoying the CD, however it wasn’t an easy straight-thru listen for me. In other words, I enjoyed it for certain tracks. Fast forward to 1998, when they released Apartment #635. This album was chock full of groovy jams, though I wasn’t as big of a fan of their slow songs. The track, “Supercollider”, just brought all the album’s heat together. It’s a rocking funk number that still continues to be a cooker in my book. DAG disbanded in 1999 over creative differences. These days, you can hear the lead vocalist/guitarist of DAG, Bobby Patterson, on bass guitar along with DAG’s drummer/background vocalist, Kenny Soule, in Raleigh, North Carolina as a two-thirds of the electric jazz trio, My Three Sons(Facebook).

For today Classic TuneCrush, here’s Dag with “Supercollider” from their album, Apartment #635.

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