I had an opportunity to talk with Sam last year around this time about his original a capella release, Your Motivation, which made my list of the top releases for 2012. This past week, London-based vocalist Sam Robson received quite a bit of attention from a video post on Godvine. The site featured a multi-track video of new hymn arrangement of “I Need Thee Every Hour” as Robson is working on a hymns project for release. There’s no schedule date yet for the release. Sam’s also been keeping busy with writing and performing as a member of the a capella group, Vive. So busy in fact with both that at this time his not performing in the band St. Spirit anymore. However, fans interested in hearing his guitar playing need only look for videos on Sam’s performance in his family set, Shadrack Tye (YouTube). The following are a couple of videos from Sam Robson’s YouTube channel that you also shouldn’t miss. All of the following tracks are original works either co-written or completely written by Sam Robson.

Now I’m in a quiet mood
time to take a little rest
what is to my right eye
falling on you, rising
night sky high.
Now I face another day
Some thing telling me to slow down, but
scenes and sirens
fill the country sky
far, away in my mind
across the tide.
Time together on the path way
marching to the end of day, turning
circles in the night
throwing fire light in the air
the colours of the sky
begin again the same old song
the same song all day long

©Sam Robson 2010

Original by James Rose (an amazing multi-track artist as well) and Sam Robson featured on Vive Deluxe.

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