Frankie_KnucklesI wrote last week about a comedy and spoken word event featuring R&B Diva, Monifah, which is happening during Black LGBT Pride weekend, which is coming up this weekend, October 4 through October 6. Now living DJ and producer legend Frankie Knuckles is performing Friday, OCtober 4, at the Travis, 4515 Travis St, in Dallas. Supporting DJs will be DJ Night Nurse, DJ Chaser, Opencloud, James Kelley & Derrick Chavez. Ticket info and more can be found via this Facebook link.

I’m sharing three videos involving Frankie Knuckles. The first is an interview from Fact TV where Knuckles acknowledges the unique flavor of his own sound. The next video is a classic Frankie Knuckles track slightly retouched, followed by the Director’s cut remix of B. Slade’s “Get Over U”. What’s your favorite original production or remix from Frankie Knuckles?

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