In August, GLM featured several independent artists and bands during our Back-to-School Q&A for 2013. Many of them have updates for new music, new videos, and new tours for the fall and we wanted to share that news with you. Here’s part one of the update.

Jomama JonesJomama Jones * Global * Soulful rock theater * @msjomamajones *

“We’re launching a fundraising campaign to put the finishing touches on the new album, Flowering. I’m so excited about it – the teaser single, “Haven” was a taste of the direction our music has taken. Our previous recordings dealt with resilience, with the idea of a comeback; this new album is about regeneration, rebirth, new growth and radical change from deep within. There is a vulnerability in the lyrics and lushness to the music which we can’t wait to share with folks. We’ll also be performing in Boston in November – so anyone in the area should come hear our show!”

JamesRosebyDmitryKosovJames Rose * London, UK * a cappella storytella * @vivevocals *

“Vive and I will be launching a lot more music, we hope to debut our own Youtube channel with some fantastic new content. We will be performing in the London Jazz Festival, and will also be returning to The Stables for the Dankworth Christmas performances. Personally, I have two new upcoming albums, one a cappella, and one that’s something very new… stay tuned!”

BrianLarneybyGracePisanoBrian Larney * Bridgeport, CT * PowerPop/Rock * @brianlarney *

“In addition to continuing to push my current record “At The Starting Line”, I plan on putting out an E.P. with some new tracks on it. A couple of records by other artists I played on are getting released too: In October, “Festival”, the new full length by The Backyard Committee comes out followed by the new one from Lines West due later in the fall. And of course, I’ll be playing a bunch of live dates!”


JodyQuineJody Quine * Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada * folktronic/ambient pop * @jodyquine *

“This fall it’s all about getting the sound out there and starting performing the new EP, Seven, LIVE. I’m playing more shows along the West Coast. I also have another track that I co-wrote and am featured on with Sleepthief coming out and another one with Ryan Farish as well. It’s going to be a great end to 2013!!”

UniversalYouUniversal You * UK * dance/rock * @universalyou *

We will release our second 4 track EP of the year, titled MMXIII – II in October. Like the first EP this will include two cover songs and two of our new songs. Our dance and RnB genes won the race to be in the first EP, maybe because we wanted to keep dancing in the summer! In the second EP we have more of a pop and rock edge but still with the electronic feel that sits in a lot of our music. These songs are a bit more atmospheric and emotional which will suit the lower sun in the fall season and the move into winter. We have some cool strings and cellos mixed in with (as usual) the raunchy guitars that we have become well-known for. We have a Led Zeppelin cover of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” that includes electronic beats, dubstep and of course my vocals so it is quite a bit different from Zeppelin’s original. The other cover is Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” which is just such a beautiful song that you really don’t want to play around with too much or else you will get lynched! I really enjoyed laying down all the harmony vocals myself and although its hard work at the time, hearing the final mixed down version is “tingly-time”!. My husband (and our manager) Paul says it’s my best ever vocal. I can’t argue with him on that! The other two tracks are completely new so you will have to wait to hear those but all four songs sit really well together as a mini album. We think the EP is a cool way to expose people to our music and adding in covers adds some spice and familiarity…covers always get people’s opinions moving! There are no “album-fillers” with an EP and you can really set a mood over those 15 or 20 minutes, and hold someone’s attention, at least that’s what we aim to do.

NhojjNhojj * Chicago, IL * Out-and-proud Soul/R&B * @nhojj *

“I’m about to release a new album “Made to Love Him, Celebrating LGBT Love” and it features songs from every decade starting in the 1920s to our current decade. I’m really excited about it and the musicians who are playing on it are amazing.”

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