Google and YouTube plan to bring a new awards show experience direct to your computer, tablet, or laptop on November 3, 2013. That night, the inaugural YouTube Music Awards will be streaming live from New York at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side, according to the New York Times. The Times also reported that according to Danielle Tiedt, YouTube’s vice president of marketing,

..the awards were meant to celebrate musicians who have had the biggest influence on YouTube over the last year. Nominees for the award’s six competitive categories will be announced (on October 17), and will be determined by data like the number of times of video has been viewed and shared, or the number of spinoffs it has inspired..

Along with the show being directed by celebrated film and video director, Spike Jonze, the 90-minute show is said to showcase plenty of global music & entertainment stars including Lady Gaga and Eminem, as well as host pre-events shows around the world. However, it seems like a lot of work for only six categories. It’s understood why the Grammys or MTV Video Awards would be longer productions because they have more categories as well as the star power. But 90 minutes of an awards show for only six categories? The categories mentioned I’m sure have an attraction for advertisers for sure. But what about viewers choice categories, or categories based on general music genre using the same criteria (views, shares, etc.)?

Nielsen released a report in August 2013 that stated YouTube as the source teens choose for music over any other source. Perhaps this awards show venture is YouTube’s attempt to get involved in the music curation trend happening the internet radio space by services like Songza and Daisy. By choosing the nominees for fewer categories, the winners may have more opportunity for YouTube to identify (maybe even help support (read: $upport)) the next breakout music stars on their network. Exclusive content that could be great leverage at YouTube as well as the Google Music store. Indeed, we’ll be watching.

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