Jesse Brede (pronounced BRAY-Duh) is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Austin, Texas. He’s also the founder & president of the label, Gravitas Recordings. Born in Amarillo, Texas, his musical path started as a guitarist in area rock bands before moving to Austin in 1998. There, he moved from guitar into the world of EDM just as it was starting to catch on in the States. While developing his own sound, he got involved with running boards for local and visiting acts as well as running a musical equipment rental business. He began Gravitas in 2010 and its releases run the gamut of bass music, dubstep, and glitch, all with Brede’s personal emphasis on quality production regardless of genre.


Brede will be performing in Dallas on October 23 at the Boiler Room on Elm Street (FB invite). In the interview, we discuss what drives his creative spark.

JW: What inspires your creativity? How do you tap into that inspiration as a person and as a artist?

avatars-000018786892-4itnh5-t500x500JB: I’m constantly inspired by the world around me. I love living in Austin, TX because there is a wealth of opportunity and the majority of people are very focused, driven, yet simultaneously healthy, relaxed and enjoying what the city has to offer. Rubbing shoulders with world-class producers, djs, musicians, chefs, artists, actors, directors and scientists, inspires me to not only to create but to help others tap into their creative spirits.

JW: Can you share a time when you needed inspiration to either start or complete (a project, a conversation, etc)? How did they inspiration come and did it come from where you expected it to or not?

JB: I work best under deadlines. I very much thrive in collaborations. I believe there are two distinct personality types in the world, “Starters” and “Finishers”. Starters are great at getting ideas moving and getting others excited about the project but often miss small details and have a hard time closing out projects. Finishers have a hard time working up the inertia to get a project moving enough to get others excited but are brilliant at buttoning up the details

For the last year and a half, I’ve been working closely with Psymbionic who is the label manager for Gravitas Recordings. He constantly inspires me to finish the projects that we’ve started and to resist the urge to start something new simply because a project has plateaued or hit a rough patch.

JW: How would you enlighten a budding producer on virtue of patience concerning their music?

JB: Nothing worth doing will come easy. The process of learning and struggling is what makes the process rewarding. Said another way, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. There are many other quotes of wisdom around this, like “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

With that in mind, if your goal is to create a track so that you can “blow up”, you’ll likely be chasing after the latest sound and trend. The artists that have the most longevity and success are the ones that create their own sound and stick with it and evolve at their own pace over time. Sometimes, not always, their style or sound will catch on and they’ll ride the wave in. Doing music with integrity, uncompromised, on your terms, is what I see music fans responding to. People can smell a fake a mile away.

JW: How long would you say it took Austin to recognize/appreciate electronic music performance of the current EDM genres outside of the traveling Super DJs/producers? Or is that an appreciation forthcoming?

JB: I’ve been DJing and working in the music scene since 1998. I’ve djed, promoted events, stage managed, ran sound systems, ran visuals for parties and clubs, rented out DJ gear and PA systems. I’ve been networking and helping people for close to 15 years and have watched the scene blow up, collapse and re-invent itself and blow up again. The big raves like EDC and Tomorrowland have created an entire new generation of electronic music enthusiast and Austin definitely has it’s fair share of new blood. Of course, the bigger names draw the bigger crowds butt the local crews, promoters and productions schools like Exploded Drawing, Dub Academy, Applied Pressure, 808k, ScoreMore, Mad Classy and Gravitas are holding it down in all very unique and different ways. We’re all pushing our own styles and sounds. In that sense, Austin is very luckily and supportive.

Connect with Brede via his website, Twitter, & Soundcloud.


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