Alice-Bright-SkyHer folk-rock sound has been described as a blend of sound by Jeff Buckley and Alanis Morrisette. Alice BrightSky started her songwriting and performing career in the Northeast*, then after a six-year hiatus, she got married and moved just outside of New York City. In the Spring of 2013, she released of her debut independent release, Box of Me, and gave birth to her first child. As we are nearing the holiday season, I asked Alice about her holiday plans (including any concerts) and to describe life as a new mother.

Before the interview, here’s the song “Enter This World” from Box of Me, available at

JW: How’s everything during this first holiday with your child? Any special plans?

AB: It’s exciting! Holidays are so much more special with a baby. No special plans other than spending time with my family and doting on my son.

JW: What’s your favorite holiday tradition around this time of year?

AB: I like going on the hunt for a Christmas tree. Cold weather, smelling of spruce and fir..cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine after we put it up.. Right now I’m preoccupied with ornaments though. Trying to find some good shatterproof ones that I don’t have to worry too much about if my son grabs ahold.

JW: Any holiday performances planned?

AB: I’m in the process of booking a show at Pianos in NYC. Stay tuned.

JW: As you look back on 2013, what have learned about yourself as a musician and businessperson?

AB: As a musician – I learned I’m good. Or.. re-learned or remembered that I’m good. Putting out this album helped me with that. As a businessperson I learned that I kind of did myself a disservice by not promoting the album more before it’s release. Subsequent albums will come out a bit differently, as a result.

JW: What’s on tap for 2014?

AB: watching my baby grow, getting back to performing, writing for the next album, designing our home studio.

*previous edit mentioned Alice was from the Northwest.

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